A Medical Program That Works With Medicare Parts A and B

The Medi-Share 65+ Difference
  • No Medical Underwriting
  • No Health Questions
  • No Network Limitations
  • No Referral Limitations
  • No Pre-existing Limitations*
  • No Annual or Lifetime Limits

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*There are no pre-existing limitations during senior open enrollment, the Medigap Open enrollment period, or with guaranteed issue rights.

What Is Medi-Share 65+?

Medi-Share 65+ is a unique medical bill sharing program for seniors 65 and older with Medicare Parts A and B. Medi-Share is an authentic, Christian community that supports and believes there is a Biblical way to do health care.

What Is Medi-Share 65+?

How Medi-Share 65+ Works

Once you have met your $500 Annual Household Portion (the portion of your bills that you are responsible for), 100% of your Eligible Medical Bills (that Medicare does not pay) will be shareable by your fellow Medi-Share members.

What it Costs

65 - 74 $99/Month
75+ $150/Month

Please Note: Medi-Share 65+ Health Care Sharing will always be secondary to Medicare.

Medi-Share 65+ Shares In
Health Care Costs Such As:

Medi-Share 65+ Shares In Health Care Costs
  • Medicare Deductibles & Copays
  • Office Visits
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Durable Medical Equipment

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